It's weird, I felt like I've posted a lot more than 8 posts this month. Guess not. Huh.

So I'm going to attempt to write a post in 15 minutes because I'm planning to go play tennis with a friend.

First things first, let me introduce you to my babies.

No, not my actual babies. My seedlings. My sunflowers.

Yeah, this is kind of a weird angle, but they're growing!! Better pictures will come when they're bigger. They were a graduation present from one of my friends and I decided to finally grow them! My room gets close to no sunlight since the windows are covered by trees, but I'm keeping them in my friend's room across the hall where there's tons of light. They grew a lot more quickly than I thought they would and I hope they'll be beeautiful! 

8 minutes.

It's weird how everyone just happens to be super busy the week that I'm totally chillaxed. Not fair. Last week when they were watching movies, I was pounding my head into the wall about orgo. Okay, let's see if I can get through this post without talking about orgo at all anymore.

So what else is going on in my life?




Nah, but in all seriousness, it's not as bad as I make it out to be. In retrospect, I'll probably be like, I'm glad I got it over with. Don't let this discourage you from challenging yourself in college, any seniors who read this! It's like anything else: when you look back, you'll know there was a reason. 

I was talking to a high school senior friend actually who was telling me about class ranks coming out recently. He was saying how everything was drama and people are trying to make a list of the top 20 and freaking out about not telling other people their ranks. Seniors: chill. Ranks, though you may very well not believe it now, are really not that important! To be honest, I wouldn't believe anyone if they had told me the same time last year because numbers make our world go round. Someone has to be on top, someone on bottom; someone has more money, someone less. But really, your essay and your extracurriculars and the way you have improved and challenged yourself throughout your life is so much more important for college apps. As for college apps, I know you're stressed out now, but it gets better. It really does. In retrospect, everything happens for the best. Actually.

Also, comparing the colleges you get into and stuff is a bullshit way of determining who's smarter and if you're "good enough." Take if from someone who knows. But that's a speech for another day. About 7 months from now.

Darn, 3 minutes over.


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