I hate life. But only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays when I have to get up for an 8:45 class. The rest of the time it's awesome. 

Strangely enough, I've had close to 5 conversations with 5 different people about religion this week. I've never talked about it so much before. Religion totally freaks me out; the fact that everyone can't agree on one thing that isn't even a tangible or visible and there's no way for everyone to be happy is so frustrating. The gist of my conversations were that Christians try to "convert" people because they just don't want them to go to hell. If you don't believe in god, you go to hell. I didn't capitalize for a reason. Christians do care about others, they're not just trying to force their religion on you. However, it's impossible to force someone to believe in something like a religion. And so either the Christian suffers because they feel guilt for allowing their friends suffer or the person being "converted" is trying to force him or herself to become Christian to avoid hurting his or her friend. It's so complicated. This is why I stay away from religion. Of course, I'm extremely tolerant; people should believe whatever it is that they want to. Just please, don't try to pull me in. Otherwise, it's all good. 

Orgo is hard. It's like, really hard. I don't know anything. Test in two weeks. The test is 6 questions, only a few parts each, each question worth like 30 points. Fml.

We're doing this scavenger hunt this weekend with some super crazy things on the list. My silly friend made me captain and now I get all the emails and I have to actually do stuff. But just kidding, I'm a pretty bad captain. Here's just a few of the tasks:

Declaim a famous Shakespeare soliloquy or dialogue on the grassy knoll next to the BC plaza. Be loud. Be passionate.

Go to class painted Duke blue
Do the wobble at the West bus
Hug a camel
Ride a unicycle in front of the chapel
Shake hands with an Olympic athlete
Dress as the Avengers (points based on awesomeness of costumes/ratio of costumes to group members)

I love Duke. Here's a couple of the tasks that we did; they're actually not that interesting, but regardless. We just want tshirts.

These are some of the people on my team, The Betas (long story), and also some of my good friends here at Duke. On the bottom is one of my roommates on the right and a kid in my Orgo class who doesn't live in my dorm, but hangs around my dorm all the time. I'm not really sure how we met him... On the top, with the Asian hands pose is one of my friends who lives downstairs and the guy holding him also lives downstairs. He's that guy that I'm always talking about. The one who "caused" (and made up for) the rain incident. Isn't he adorable? :P 

And in the first photo, that's my hand holding out the sign. Yeah, that's right. #goodatlife

So now I'm going to go study for that Neuro test I have Tuesday and also cry about Organic. Peace.


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