I need more sleep.

I'm sitting in the Trinity Cafe on East Campus dripping wet because I had to "check my mailbox" and so decided to come with a friend who had class soon. I have to be careful how I say this now, because my audience has seemed to have grown to quite a few people who now live in the same dorm as me and can make fun of me as they please. So yes, I did in fact check my mail because my sister said that she mailed me a letter last week, but it also was an itty bitty excuse to see my friend. Even though he lives downstairs. Did I know it was raining? Nope. Was it worth getting soaked? I don't know, I'm still trying to decide that...

In case anyone was wondering, I unfortunately didn't make club tennis travel team, only practice team, but it's totally cool because all I really needed was a reason to go play. I love tennis.

I was looking through the texts from all my new friends in the past couple weeks and it's so funny to see how much closer we've gotten via IMs and technology. It's the written manifestation of the development of friendship. Here's an abridged version of a facebook thread, no names included. Only nicknames.

April 2012
Me: hi!(:
Special Snowflake: hey!
Me: what's up?
SS: just doing some chem hw haha
Me: I just got to Durham for BDD!
SS: haha fun! let me know how that is! 
      you with your parents?
Me: yeah im with my parents. they're like mega overprotective so they'd never let me go alone lol. 
       typical indian...
       have you found a potential roommate yet?
SS: nopee, i might just do random
Me: mm, yeah i hope i see some of the people i talked to online at bdd

September 2012
Me: this is like an actual problem
       i dont know what to do
       what has the world come to
SS: slow it down man slow it down
Me: i dont knowww, i'm not doing it on purpose
SS: let it floww
Me: okay, yeah, i need to read
       does the whole floor know or something?
SS: lmao i don't know
      well it's obvious
Me: lol okay. reading
      will happen
      not now actually, i have tryouts tomorrow

Me: bahahahahahaa
      YOUR MOM
Me: ahahahahaha
SS: and that is the story of how i got a box of condoms
     cant wait to tell it to the first guy i have sex with that'll be a special story
      that'll be the test to see if we're together or not lmfao

So that's the idea. This is so abridged, but you can see how much things have changed. 

I am so cold right now.

this is where I stopped writing this post and had to go to a meeting for my work study job. and this is what I have to say about 6 hours later.

I am so cold. And I was so wet. I stepped outside the marketplace where I was at earlier and it was pouring. I don't think I've ever gotten so wet in the rain ever. I think Mother Nature had a meltdown. And I had to take the bus, which was air conditioned, to West Campus, and then walk to FFSC. It was just not a good time. Luckily I found a friend there and complained to him about the evils of North Carolina's moody weather. I went into the job meeting and although I was supposed to come out 15 minutes later, I got out an hour later, and my friend was still waiting for me. Why do I have such great friends? And then when we got back to East Campus at 6, my other friend who I had gone to marketplace with earlier today was there with an umbrella. Although I'm fairly sure he was at the bus stop because he had to go to West Campus, he did walk us back to the dorm. It wasn't raining nearly as hard as before, but that was probably one of the sweetest things I've ever come "home" to. Hugs all around. 

And now I'm in the common room yet again, about to begin work, for real this time, drinking my hot chocolate and soon to make my Indian ramen, also known as Maggi noodles. So so good, my mom just sent them to me yesterday. I'm not going to dinner at Marketplace. That's where this all started.

But really, it wasn't all bad. I got to spend some time writing my blog, meeting with my friends, learning about my new work study job, and experiencing something that I haven't before. And isn't that what this is all about?

Oh and by the way, it was worth it.


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