Okay, a couple of things.

I know it's probably not that exciting to anyone but me, but I'm at a thousand pageviews! I'm so glad anyone who has read my blog and enjoyed it keeps coming back! I've been having a lot of fun writing it and sharing my experiences. Please leave me comments to tell me what you think! I know some people have already, but I'd really like input on what you've enjoyed or what you'd like to see from me! Thanks for the support!

I have the song Good Time stuck in my head. Arrrgh. It's not as bad as it could be though.

I didn't make the dance team I tried out for, Dhoom. It was a lot a lot of fun trying out and hopefully I can keep dancing elsewhere, but I'm definitely trying out again next semester! I'd forgotten how much I love dance until the tryout. The feeling of revival is the best ever.

I lost my camera. Someone help. ):

I actually just had my first day on the job as a research assistant yesterday! It was a really awesome experience because I'm working in the actual lab and doing science that I'm actually familiar with! Thanks to Mrs. Desantis' genetics class in high school, I know how to PCR and do gels and all this stuff that the post-doc guy I'm working for is super impressed by! And I'm just thinking, hellz yeah, I know what I'm doing! The project that he's working on is pretty cool too. It's on the mutagenesis of Arabidopsis, this really small plant. Pretty much he's looking at a layer of the root called the cortex to kind of find out what it does by mutating certain genes in it and looking for expression. I can't believe I'm part of research already! High school kiddies, work hard for this. The things you learn do in fact help you one day!

I redid my nails. These don't look very good, not nearly as neat as I imagined. Sigh, I wish I had skinny nail brushes..

Today in my Culture and Mind seminar, our readings were about human learning and mirror neurons and about how we are able to imitate each other and learn by visualizing and chimps on the other hand, who are 98% genetically the same as us, can only learn competitive skills as opposed to cooperative. But pretty much, we spent the entire class period whistling, shuffling cards, and making origami. Literally, for an hour and 15 minutes, this is what I did.

It was so fun. Best class ever.

But seriously, the discussions we have in that class are pretty cool, pretty heated, but still fair and not trying to sway anyone's beliefs. Unlike the other seminar, don't even get me started on that one.

So I've been thinking lately (more like, all the time) about myself and the person that I am in college. I exude a much more confident and open personality than I did in high school, I think, and although I am as such, I'm not as much as I show. I'm still totally afraid that I'll do something sometime or say something to someone that will make them stop liking me or wanting to be friends with me. Maybe they'll just be nice and tell me no, no you're not clingy at all, Sonal! while I am being totally annoying. I don't like being or putting people in that position. My friendships and relationships with people here really aren't as set as I make them sound; you have to see and accept all the sides of someone before you can truly say that you know them. Your new "best friend" could turn out to be a psycho maniac when he or she gets angry. He or she could turn out to be obsessive or clingy or extremely narrow-minded when it came to certain things. You don't want to wait until it's too late to know. Does that make any sense? I feel like I'm just talking at you guys now.

But being afraid never got anyone anywhere. And that's why I gotta do what my gut says, right? 


Also, my thoughts are with everyone affected by 9/11 eleven years ago. This country truly is a great one for bringing us all of so many different backgrounds together to remember the day. 


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