You might see this post as another insight into college life. I call it procrastinating.

My first week of classes at Duke is now complete, and what a week it was. There's already so much reading and studying to do, it seems like that's all I've been doing lately. Or rather, trying to do lately. Sometimes I get distracted. A lot. By certain people.

A little spiel about my classes. My two seminars are pretty cool, called Culture and Mind and Mind and Language. They're for a program called FOCUS, which allows you to have a group of classes with interdisciplinary topics. The conversations are intriguing and it's a lot more personal than a lecture class. For the latter, I have to do a 25 page paper due at the end of the semester. The longest paper I think I've written is maybe 9 pages, so this will definitely be... new. My other two classes are Organic Chem and Intro to Neuroscience. Orgo is already starting to get bad... why the hell was the molecular orbital theory invented? There's so much self-assigned work that I need to do and am so not motivated at all to do. Neuro101 is super interesting, but there's nothing much to do for that except study notes! There are assignments for the discussion section, which I kinda don't like having to take. If I could just stay a little more focused, I wouldn't be as worried about work as I am right now. I hope I can keep ahead. That's important in college, I've realized that already.

I repainted my nails. It's not based off of anything though, just something different since one of my nails broke and the paint from before was coming off.

Today were my club tennis tryouts and they went... decently, I suppose. I played two singles matches with no ads and first to 4. I lost the first 1-4, which was pretty self-humiliating, and won the second 4-2, which was a little reassuring that I wasn't just bad at life in general. Duke girls go hard when it comes to sports. Dayyum.

One week is hardly enough time to get to know a person. But have you ever met those people that you instantly click with? The people who see past what most others see in you in just a week or couple of weeks.  I met one of those people a year ago at Governor's School and again here at Duke. Yeah it's a weird feeling, but I love it, because if one week can bring two people so close, who knows what the time after that will be like. Hopefully it goes uphill. 

But kids, remember, school work always comes first. Before anything else. Except health. That's a little more important.

For once in a really long time, I feel complete. I feel like I can focus on school work but also have a social life and be able to manage the two. My parents, especially my mom, have been freaking out that I don't call every morning and that I don't miss them. Yes, I do miss you. I'm just trying to enjoy college life without being miserable about missing my parents. Is that so wrong? 

I feel lazy. I feel unproductive. I feel like I haven't made a dent in the pile of work that I have to do. I feel like time is just slipping away when I'm with the new people I love to be with. I feel like I miss my best friend. I feel independent. I feel relaxed. I feel tired cause I've gotten 5 or 6 hours of sleep every night. I feel like my acne is kind of clearing up. I feel hungry. I feel wanted. I feel complete.

I feel like I should stop procrastinating and being cheesy. Peace.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post! haha, college life sounds great, your classes and seminars sound awesome. I feel like my mother would be the exact same when I go to college XD anyways, love the post, keep em coming! when you have time of course

    -Vincent Liu

  2. Sonal says:

    thanks vince! yeah, college is definitely a great experience, but it only stays great if you put a lot of hard work into it! parents are as such, especially the asian ones! i'm glad you like my blog! (:

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