I am so stressed out.

Well, not as much anymore, but I was 9-3 hours ago.

I have a Neuro test tomorrow and an organic chem test next monday. I overslept orgo today, or I guess more appropriately, yesterday. It had gotten so bad that my head was spinning when I looked at my screen and my book and I couldn't sit without getting super antsy. I don't actually know why, I've never gotten stressed out in that way before. Probably the college experience? But really, what I've learned to do through high school experience to retract the high cortisol levels is to take a step back from the work and just think about what is causing the stress that you have. If it's not that important, why are you spending your precious health on it? I mean, if you'd just dropped your $1500 laptop into a pool of rainwater only two weeks after your dad bought it for you, by all means, get stressed out. But tests and schoolwork are nothing to be stressed about. Not yet anyways, maybe when the MCATs come around. But to be honest, not even then.

I think I know the information and I will work hard to learn orgo this week and everything will be okay. I'll go to homecoming (maybe) and I'll visit the gardens and I'll get everything done. You just have to take a step back and see that nothing that you're stressing out about is worth it. And for me, there was a bunch of social stuff running through my head that was super distracting, but I found the best way to get over that was to study in a group or with another person! You'll be so involved in listening to them and communicating with them (make sure you're active about it), that you won't think about the other stuff. It worked for me, so it's a tip I'd like to give.

Oh also, make sure you have ice cream. Sometimes it's just one of those days.

Here's a couple other pictures from our last day of the scavenger hunt, which was Sunday.

Reenact the Titanic pose.
Get something free on campus. Don't steal.
This is me. Flu shots are fun.
I've been Skyping and talking to a lot of my friends from high school and Gov School and I realized that I miss them so much! No one's changed, but it just feels like they must've since they're so far away. Which reminds me, I found this quote on Facebook and I made it my status

           "Isn't it funny how day by day
           nothing changes
           but when you look back
           everything is different..."

           -CS Lewis
 So much truth. Days feel monotonous and then one day you look back and think, wow, it's been an entire four years of high school already or wow, I've only known you for three weeks. It's like... evolution. Gradual change is the strangest kind. It's like reading a book. You go page by page and you feel like you're getting nowhere and all of a sudden you're at the end. Life absorbs you and you don't notice the small things as they happen. Maybe you could if you were more observant. Maybe you should try.


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