I know I just posted yesterday, but I couldn't help myself. Too many thoughts.

My Neuro test was difficult. Even if I had studied more, it wouldn't have helped. It was much different than any of the tests I've ever taken. In a good way. A college way. I can just hope I get like, at least a B.

I was sitting in my Neuro101 Discussion class earlier today. It was so boring. But an article that we're supposed to have read (I say supposed to for a reason) made me think of something.

If I had the opportunity, would I want to remove any of my memories?

This is actually a really hard question for me. If you've ever seen the Shell video by WongFu on Youtube, I think it'd be totally cool to have memories of things that never happened to me. But as for removing my old memories, even the really painful and difficult ones, I don't know that I'd want them gone. Every memory and experience I've had I've learned something from and I don't think I'd want to lose any of those lessons about the world or about myself. They've made college a lot easier, that's for sure. But then there's also the complex idea of what if you lost your memory of an experience that did occur as opposed to the experience altogether. Memories are really important to me; they're one of the primary reasons I take a lot of photos (or used to, before I lost my camera D:). I'm so scared to forget anything. That's also why I'm scared of neurological diseases: because I'm afraid of forgetting. Alzheimers? I'm so afraid of it.

I was also thinking about happiness. You know what makes me happy? Success. No, not only my own success, that'd be so selfish. I do like being successful, whether or on a small scale or large scale. Doing a complicated math problem. Hitting a winner. Getting into Duke. But I also love seeing other people happy because of their success. Like little kids when they've put the triangular and cubical blocks into their corresponding holes. Like my friends who struggle with physics getting an A on their exam. Like my friends getting a job. It's just a great thing. Really. 

Lastly, I repainted my nails. This is becoming a too often thing...

Roses. Aww.

I want my camera back... ):


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