You know how sometimes you sleep when things are all wrong and you wake up and everything is better again? The worst feeling is when everything is exactly the same.

I don't like being alone for too long anymore. I start thinking about things that really shouldn't be taking up my time and stressing about things that really aren't worth stressing about. You remember that little speech I gave about taking a step back when you're stressed and seeing what's really important? Yeah, it's really hard for me to follow sometimes. I almost passed out in Organic Chem today. I am so stressed out for the test we have this coming Monday because I literally don't know anything. I am currently crying on the inside. I need comfort. I need my best friend. ):

But then again the reason I am where I am today is because I stay strong and fight through obstacles like this instead of running away from them. That's something that I need to keep telling myself. But you know, do you ever have those moments when you just need to cry? You just haven't cried or gotten angry for a long time and it's building up in a really bad way. I might cry today. It's a cathartic experience that sometimes I guess I just need. 

Lol, can you imagine me laying on my bed crying and my roommate walks in, like wtf....

I know this post sounds super depressing, but really, it's just the life of a college student. Who takes Orgo her first semester. Crying isn't always a sad thing, there's always happy crying and cathartic crying. Those are the best kind. It's just one of those days.

I've been having a lot of those days lately. Maybe binging on ice cream and chocolate isn't a great idea on every one of those days.

But seriously, I need some chocolate.


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