We eat emotionally because we feel that it will make us feel better. We eat food that's not even good for our bodies. Why then? For those few moments of satisfaction as the flavor hits our taste buds. Taste. That's the only reason. After that it's all downhill anyway.

My writing class makes me question how strong-willed I actually am.

Is it possible for someone to be perfect for you but you not to necessarily to be perfect for them?

Losing your life isn't synonymous to death.

Sometimes when you find out about something that bothers you, you just need to make up your mind not to give a shit about it.

I think it'd be interesting to know why the people who don't like me don't like me.

I could explain where all of these thoughts I have come from, but that'd be long.

I went to Laasya 2013 yesterday, Duke's first intercollegiate dance competition and it was sooo aweesomeee omg. I was totes jealous of how talented they are, but I also can't wait for my performance next week at UNC! Some snapshots from the show. Pay attention, this is my culture.


I just ate a bag of Skittles. I should just go to sleep. The orgo exam is over and I'm just cruising. It really does just take a little time to get adjusted to Duke. And now here I am, feeling like I can do this and also that time is passing by way too quickly. Life is good. I need to get me one of those tshirts.

Yesterday or the day before, a couple of my friends and I were trying to remember the really popular songs from back in the day like in '05 and stuff. It was super nostalgic. Like, Jesse McCartney, Aly & AJ, Hilary Duff. Irreplaceable - Beyonce. Avril Lavigne. Umbrella - Rihanna. Cupid's Chokehold - Gym Class Heroes. Gwen Stefani. Natasha Bedingfield. FERGIE. Goodness, it feels like just yesterday. And soon, this is going to feel like just yesterday. Gah, time is going too quickly, I can't keep up. We've been back at school for a month already. Slow the f*** downnnnnnn.

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