Things are getting busy again. Spring break is like, less than two weeks away. I'm pretty happy. I'm super happy. The only thing that makes me not happy is my prospective orgo grade, but that doesn't really matter in the long run, right?

Let me tell you first what I did this weekend. A couple of friends and I went to University of Georgia to perform in the UGA India Night show. Indeed, I speak of Duke DHOOOM. It was a wonderful experience, especially for my first time going on one of these, drive a bunch and get to some place and stay at some random Days Inn and perform and have fun and come back, kind of things. It was awesome. Bonding time with the team, getting to know things about people that I would've never guessed, understanding the dynamics of the group and feeling like I'd accomplished something that wasn't academic. I don't think I've had that kind of feeling in a while. Honestly, I haven't even had the academic feeling in a while. But the crowd laughed and cheered and clapped for the Duke Dhoom's Super Mario Bhaiyas and the 6 and a half minutes were over way too quickly. I wanted to do a self requested encore. I'm so glad I made Dhoom this semester and I hope I do in the coming semesters too because it's been such an awesome experience to see the product of something you've worked so hard on; something physical, because I haven't seen results of something physical in a long time. I missed dance a lot and having this kind of fun, energetic, tension-freeing activity to do has been really good for me this semester. I probably can't say it in better words, but Dhoom means a lot to me and I wish I had more time with our captains than just another half a semester. Regardless, next semester will be just as, if not more wonderful!

And so now I want to share with you the video taken at UGA India Night. The lighting sucks, but I hope you can see enough. Make sure to set it to the 1080p!

Also some photos because the video quality is meh.

Photo from UGA ICE
Photo from UGA ICE
Hey, that's me!
Photo from UGA ICE
Dubbbstepp! Our Mario and Luigi!
Photo from UGA ICE
Mario coins legggo!
Photo from UGA ICE
Bollywood style!
Photo from UGA ICE
The girls! 
Photo from Gaurie Mittal
Duke Dhooooom (minus Anshul and Anshu D:)
Photo from Gaurie Mittal
All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.

In other news, orgo exam in less than two weeks.

I can't tell you how much I've been enjoying my writing class. There are so many new things to think about every week and I enjoy writing for the class too, believe it or not. I guess I made the right decision in picking it! But anyway, I found a couple of interesting things I had written down in my notes from a while ago from class, so I thought I'd just note them down real quick.

"morally immature"
"a struggle between the impulse toward self-improvement and the impulse to be true to oneself"
"the real me is someone struggling"
"listen to your doubts"
Is there a distinction between the real true self and the "true self" that you create in your mind for yourself?
What is most desired?
Is there a self?
"What it suggests is that an identity can be built around a desire. The person you have become may be a consequence of the things you desire."

And this last quote I found today in one of the papers I was reading over from earlier in the semester to incorporate into my paper.

"No insight into self, however subtle; no analysis of the dynamics of addiction, however accurate; no understanding of the nature of desire, however sophisticated or enlightening -- none of these fine things can substitute for action." Margaret Bullitt-Jonas, "Put Down the Duck"

So true. You can think about how to fix yourself or change yourself or find insight into yourself to no end, but until you take action to carry out these thoughts, they're pretty much meaningless. Na mean? That's one of the reasons I write this blog: realize things about myself, change and rechange my mindsets, take risks, and publicize it so I can't back out!

Anyways. I go now. Bye byes and have a good day. (:

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