First things first, mega mega congratuations to Dr. Robert Lefkowitz, Professor of Medicine at Duke, for winning the Nobel Prize in chemistry today! Along with Brian K. Kobilka, a former student, he won the award for more than 35 years of research on G protein-coupled receptors and related things. I'm so proud to be part of a school with such magnificent people! 

Second things second, today on my way to my linguistics seminar, I saw this white board with the little magnetic words on them. You know, like the ones you can make sentences with and stuff? I pass it every Wednesday and Friday when I go to class, but today I actually read some of the stuff on it. Last week, I had moved a couple of the words and started a sentence "I am." I never actually finished it because I realized that I was late as it was. So this time when I looked to see if those words were still there, I saw this instead:

Whether the question and answer for this were the work of the same person or of different people, it made me really happy. I might try this again next time I go to class. 

Lack of substance because I think of too many things to write about during the day and then I forget them. I should get a notepad.


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