So there's really only two more weeks left until I go to Duke. Only two weeks. I know I've been saying how boring this summer has been and all, but it really did pass by quickly. One day I'm a high school student, the next, a college kid. That shit cray.

          After seeing my Spiderman painting, my mom asked me to do a few paintings for our new house and she bought me a canvas. I was going to do a monument/landmark and it took a while to decide but I settled on the Sydney Opera house because of my intense love of the movie Finding Nemo. 

"P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. I remembered it again!"

        My mom liked it a lot and so she asked me to do one more next week when we go house hunting before I go to college. It'll be nice to have my own artwork in our new home! 

        I couldn't fall asleep for the longest time last night so I was on my phone watching Youtube videos. I've become very... close to Youtube in the past six-ish months and I've found some amazing Youtubers that I never get tired of watching. That's why I figured I'd blog about the site. I think Youtube is great. The stuff that some people come up with and the talents they share are incredible. If you can't make it big time or want to do film or singing as a hobby or something, it's the best place to either share your talent, get discovered, or just have fun! Of course in no way have I seen the enormity of what Youtube has to offer, but there are a few fabulous channels and specific videos that I want to share/remember. 

1. Nick Pitera

          This is Nick Pitera, the guy who works at Pixar and has a voice range longer than the Great Wall of China. Literally, he sings tenor, bass, alto, soprano, as high and low as you could imagine. It might freak you out at first, but come on, even most girls can't even sing that well. Hats off to him for having that voice. You might know him from his One Man Disney Movie, which is fabulous and was how I first found him, but I would say that his best piece is the Phantom of the Opera Medley, linked above. I get the chills every time I listen to his voice, especially this combo of songs. Now, you have to be in the right ambience and setting when you listen to get the full effect, so do it before you go to bed in a dark room preferably under your blanket or in a quiet place. Either with your eyes closed or watching his expressions because they're fantastic. You might be tempted to stop halfway, but trust me, it's worth the whole watch. He sings all three parts simultaneously at the end and that's when I really get goosebumps. If you like this, then I would definitely look at the rest of his channel as well, particularly One Man Disney Movie, Teenage Dream, Skyscraper, and My Heart Will Go On. He is my favorite Youtube singer and should be much more famous than he is. I wish I worked at Disney.

2. Wong Fu Productions

          If you're Asian, you've probably heard of Wong Fu. If not, you might not have. Yes, I'm making racial stereotypes, but completely valid ones I must argue. They're a group comprised of three guys, Phil, Wes, and Ted, who graduated from UCSD together. They do things from hilarious comedy to really deep, dramatic type videos. The one above is Shell, my absolute favorite of all their stuff. It's written by Wes, the really deep one, and it's about the idea of being able to have memories of experiences that never really happened to you. Yes, it's an adorable video, but it also made me think about whether I would want something like that or not. I mean, I do that all the time when I daydream; I create scenarios and play out scenes that I wish would happen to me. Unfortunately, none of these daydreams ever come true, but still... And so I think, what would I want to remember? This video speaks to me in so many ways, as corny as you think that may be. The music is beautiful; the one played towards the end is called Origami Airplanes and I have it on my iPod to play at night. Watch Wong Fu, all of their stuff is fantastic.

3. The Fu Music

             The Fu Music are yes, again Asian, but also a pair of brothers I discovered watching Internet Icon, a Youtube video competition by the YOMYOMF network (another cool place to go). They're all about music and they write and perform their own songs and do covers of other songs. This video, called Coming Home, was one of their submissions for Internet Icon and it's really good especially considering the fact that it was completed in 4 hours. It was a prop challenge and they had to use specific props in the video and I think they did a fabulous job incorporating them. I hope they win the show. And from Internet Icon, I also learned about a ton of other hilarious Youtubers like Lana McKissack and the Riedell Brothers and Justin James Hughes. All great stuff, seriously. 

            And of course there are all the other hilarious and talented people like NigaHiga, the biggest Youtube star ever, and KevJumba and Victor Kim and Chester See. I can spend hours on Youtube and not get tired. It's not actually a good thing, but at least I know there's always a place to relax when I'm in my dorm room! I love Youtube.

          And so as a part of my Fearless blog challenge, I'm going to make my very first Youtube video next week while I'm in the apartment on a topic that on the brink for many of us: college! I hope anyone reading this will check it out next week because hopefully I can finish it before college starts on the 21st. Don't expect too much, but hopefully it'll be entertaining and maybe inspire someone to make a video too! 

Until next time: peace, brothers.


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