Hello everybody, or anybody, and I hope you're having a wonderful summer. Just wanted to bring to attention the two Duke Olympic divers who won medals in London, Nick McCrory and Abby Johnston. They won bronze and silver, respectively. It's a great achievement for the US and a great representation of Duke! Go Blue Devils!
Nick is on the left.
Abby is on the left.
        But really, watching all of the Olympics have been amazing. Last night I saw Michael Phelps win his 19th medal and saw USA women's gymnastics win gold and it warmed my heart and excited me at the same time. The commitment and hard work that these people put in to represent their country and compete is incredible. Really, hats off to these guys. I actually have the Olympics on TV right now and they said that Phelps got 37000 tweets during his 19th win. Oh social media...
     I was thinking about how I would feel those few seconds before the buzzer went off to jump in the water or before the music started to begin a routine, and I don't think I'd be able to handle that pressure! I guess that's the reason I'm not a big sports player or a very competitive person at all. I'm starting to understand how there's so much that we wish that we could do, but sometimes we're just not right for them. I wish I could win an Olympic medal, even just make it big time in sports. I wish I could become an actress. I wish I could live in a penthouse in New York. Sometimes I feel like it's too late; some of these guys start at age 15 and 16. I guess it's only when we get older that we find out whether we end up living the dreams we had as kids or living in ways we never thought we would. I'm sure people go both ways. It makes me afraid for my future. I hope I'm happy with whatever happens and that I'll never regret the things I could never do.
       It's funny the magnitude of difficulty and effort that we "common folk" think it takes to even get to the Olympics and then on a whole different level, we see Phelps and Lochte getting medals like they're free samples. You know what I mean? Maybe it's just me.
       Not that it's of much value after this Olympics talk, haha, but I did do a few new art pieces that I wanted to share.

     The first is my Andrew Garfield/Spiderman painting that I wasn't really planning to finish because I was too scared to do the face, but it turned out decent. I mean, it looks like a person, right? And the second is just a fun one I did of One Direction. Zayn is the adorablest. Mm mm. 

             I was watching this movie last night called No Reservations. It's from a few years ago and I saw it when it first came out with my best friend, but it was really different watching it so many years later. Just doing something as simple as watching a movie makes me feel like a different person. Of course there's the years of literature and media analysis that has been pounded into our brains, but I'm also a much more mature person now. Back then I remember thinking, wow that food looks really good and aw that poor girl, her mom died and uh oh i'd better close my eyes, they're kissing. And now I'm like, his personality is so different from hers and he's teaching her how to live and i wonder what the peacock feathers symbolize. I could either say that Lit class has poisoned my movie-watching mind or that I've gotten older. But really, I was talking to my mom today, and I realized how much more mature I've become. I can understand her without her saying anything, I help around the house without being asked because I know she needs it from me, stuff like that. It probably seems silly to you, but I think it's amazing how the human mind matures like that. Just looking at my sister as she begins to act pubescent, moody, rude and rebellious already at the age of 11, I realize that I was like that once. And it's goddamn annoying. And for that I apologize to my parents who had to deal with me. It's awful, it really is.

The movie, by the way, is a really nice, cute, light film to watch if you ever get the chance. It's one of those movies that you can watch over and over without it getting old. Like Mean Girls.


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