In two days I will officially be a college freshman. I seriously can't believe it. When my best friend left for India a couple of weeks ago and we knew it was the last time we'd see each other in person for who knows how long, I wasn't as upset as I thought I'd be. I mean, of course I was upset, but I didn't cry or anything. I didn't really cry at graduation when I thought I would. And trust me, I'm a pretty emotional person.

Today we began the drive to Duke and in the car as I listened to going away songs on my iPod is the first time I full out cried. I was bawling. I realized that I had seen Mount Laurel for the last time in who knows how long and was about to leave my parents for a super long time. That wasn't as big a deal for me because family is always there and I'll see them in three months, but New Jersey I won't be visiting for a while. I'll miss my friends and the area itself so much. But Texas will be nice. The people are super super nice. Our realtor has driven to California and New Jersey and has lost 1.5 million on the stock market and has a husband who's gotten two pacemakers. She's inspirational because she keeps living life and still works as a realtor despite being a grandmother and probably over 60. She brought us food and cold water and cared for us more than any stranger I've met before. If you ever need a realtor in Texas, ask me about her. She's the best

On a happier note, I am SO excited for college, as I said a million times before. But it's freaking two days away. And unfortunately my acne is really bad... But anyway, we're in Virginia right now and will drive the last couple of hours to NC in the morning. I've done my nails already, which I wanted to share. They didn't exactly come out the way I wanted, but they still look aiight.

I'm not very good with the thin brush... 

I'm freezing in this hotel room...

My next post might not be for a while. All week next week is orientation, so maybe I'll do an orientation wrap up on the 27th with some pictures. Also, if you didn't see the video I made last week, please take a look in the post before this and share with your friends! I'd like a lot of input on it and decide whether I should do vlogs in college or not! It could be a lot of fun, but I need to make sure I'm funny first!



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