It is done. Rather, it is just beginning. I moved in yesterday and I am a Duke freshman now officially! As my friends know and as you might've gathered from this blog, I'm an introvert and not a very outspoken person. While the first day was amazing, it was incredibly overwhelming. I've been excited for this for the whole summer, and the day before I moved in, I was so nervous that I felt like I was going to throw up. But once I pulled into Southgate Circle and the FACs brought all my stuff inside and I met my roommates and some people in my dorm, I felt so much better. Now I'm sitting in my common room, which is amazing by the way, and writing a blog post while a bunch of people are playing pool and table tennis in the open adjacent room. Stupid right? Sonal, why are you sitting here writing a blog post while there are people you can talk to right there? Sorry, it's how I am. Yeah, I told myself that I would talk to a lot of people and become a lot more outgoing, and believe me, I definitely talked to more people yesterday than I ever would have without that mindset. The people here are geniuses and awesome and all but I am in fact an introvert, and you can't "fix" an introvert. I've linked to it before, but read this if you've never before: Ten Myths About Introverts. Cut me a break though, I've been with people all day yesterday and today. I need a little bit of just me, right? I'm just kind of not that good at talking to people. I guess I'm justifying myself, so I'm going to stop doing that. 

I judge.

The cliques are already beginning to form, I can see it. Not a problem, but that was fast. And being me, I notice a lot of things around me and things that people do. I've seen people sitting by themselves and talked to them. I've seen that "they call me swag" look on guys around campus. But here's something that my friend going to Cornell said to me when I talked to him on Facebook: it's only once classes start that you'll see the people you become close friends with. I know it's probably not completely true, but that's probably most probable for me. I am the type that doesn't open up much at first, but if I feel that I can trust a person and that he or she values my friendship enough to keep it and reciprocate it, you'll know more about me than you'd ever want to. Do I think I'm the only one? Nope. I do think that what the speakers and upperclassmen have been telling us is true: we are not alone. Many of us are going through the "how the hell am I going to make friends" stage and then some of us are really good at talking to people and making new friends really quickly. I am totally jealous of those people.

I wonder if any Dukies are reading this and what they must think of me at this point. Let's not make friends with this crazy girl. Lol.

My room size is good. I like my roommates. Some lady today asked me if she could take a picture of my Duke nails. We have funny administrators. I like it here. Don't miss me so much mommy.

I just hope I can find good friends for me. I like meeting people, but I need people like me. People who aren't so talkative that they forget about the quieter people in a group but talkative enough to hold a good conversation. People who perhaps enjoy small groups as opposed to really big ones. People with mutual interest who try to understand. I just wish I could find those people. I had a couple of them back in high school, only two to be specific, and I'm hoping they're not two in a million. Orientation has been fun, but...
this is going to be a long week. It really only should've been two or three days long. I need classes to start.


And this is the awesome Duke 2016 picture we took! Plus some great things so far. The academics of an Ivy and the spirit of a state school. We're the best! (:


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