My first week at Duke is officially complete. I wonder how long it'll be before the awe of being here will wear off. When I'll finally look at the buildings and think, ah whatever, I've been here forever already. Right now it's still "How am I here and not chopping vegetables in the kitchen for my mom? Why are the buildings so beautiful? I'm only 17!!!" The schedule is starting to get regular which is a good thing probably; wake up (waay too early for orgo), shower and eat breakfast (maybe, or maybe later), go to class, go to another class, lunch, come back to dorm, study in AC common room or hang out with friends, dinner, study, study (break), study, 5 hours of sleep. And this is just the first week. Organic chem is already starting to go over my head a little, what I've read in the book. My seminars are super interesting about the connections between neuroscience and psychology and culture and language. And just being here... making all of my own decisions, walking through the campus between classes without even having to think about where I'm going much anymore, seeing people I recognize all around me, it's a liberating experience.

I realized this past week how many people actually read my blog. I had multiple people tell me that they read it and enjoyed my writing. It's good to know, thank you guys. I always thought no one did because I got little feedback, but it's nice. (: To any of the people who read my last post, I hope you didn't think I was this antisocial awkward person, although looking back I surely made it sound like that.. Specifically, all the foreign kids I've met are especially awesome. They're so much fun to talk to and to hear their experiences and culture. And it's especially awesome when they're from my homeland! I actually made a couple of great friends since last week and hope and expect to make many more in the future. Some of them are actually even the type of people I wrote about last week, the ones who are easy to talk to and also want to listen to what I have to say. The ones who don't drain energy out of me but instead create energy in me.

Wow, I sound like a physics textbook or something.

There's a girl on my floor who is incredibly sweet and has the most adorable Romanian accent ever; you know who you are haha. She's so easy to talk to and share opinions with because she contributes to the conversation as well. I hate when someone tries to make a good conversation and it drifts off because it's not a mutual conversation.  I won't lie, I have probably done exactly the same to other people, but it is something I've been trying to work on. And other people do it to. And it's annoying.

I also met this guy just on Monday actually and we played tennis together in the middle of the day in North Carolina in August. It was his idea. But after that we talked and studied that night, and talked and studied yesterday, and plan to talk and study today. Yeah, I'm a nerd and I study, get at me, why dontchuu?! Although he doesn't really study, just gets distracted a lot online. Lol. But anyway, he's super cool (well, sort of :P), really funny, makes fun of me way too much (but in the good way), and is super easy to talk to. Probably one of the nicest guys I've met, though he doesn't like to admit that he is! It's like the Wong Fu nice guys video. And their shirt. I heart nice guys you know. I have the shirt. Lol.

You know you just meet those specific people that are easier to open up to than others? Yeah, that's these two. From college anyways. But my roommates are great too and so are a lot of the girls in my dorm. The ones that don't go to Shooters. I haven't met that many guys, but a handful of them are pleasant, and a handful of them are not. I'll make another judgement another day. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post. It's been pretty busy so I haven't had a chance to take any. Promise I'll have more next time. Maybe with people in them... But for now, I shall go read my organic chem textbook...fun times. 


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