My sister talks to my feet.

       It's kind of weird, but strangely adorable. There's an innocence in it. But again, it's just really weird. She calls them "paer," the Hindi word for foot. I kind of animate them by moving around my toes in a human-like way. Does that make any sense? It makes it feel like they have emotions and they're silently acting human. I'm sure you've done that before -- given inanimate objects human like qualities. Personifying them. And then you feel like the whole world is alive around you. Maybe it's just me. Probably.

        But really, I was just looking at stuff around this apartment that I'm staying in as we search for our house, and I found so many things that look like they have faces or send vibes of emotion. Of course the human face is one of the main sources of expression, but even colors, shapes, and sizes send off these emotional vibes. 

You think I'm crazy, I know it.

Check these photos out. Inanimate expression.

It's kind of freaky having your toothbrush holder stare at you, but regardless. It's cool. Try seeing what things around your house look at you.

I wonder how many people actually read this blog. Probably just my two best friends/followers. 

        I wanted to talk about perspective. I was in the car today riding to one of the houses we were looking at and  I turned my head sideways. The cars were all driving on a wall toward me. Have you ever looked upside down behind you while swinging on a swing? The world ceases to make sense. It's great. Have you ever stopped to consider how the people you yell at or insult or hurt feel? I just started doing that with my sister. I know I wouldn't want to be spoken to in the way I speak to her, and so I've slowly started to reduce the commands and insults. I'm a bad sister. But so is she!!!

         My challenge to anyone reading this is to try and see something in a different perspective. Either in a different person's perspective or a different direction or something! And tell me how it goes. Please. Anyone.

         Speaking of a different direction, has anyone heard Taylor's new song? Not one of her best. Lyrics wise, probably one of her worst. Different. Catchy. Bad song. Same level as Call Me Maybe, I'm sad to say. But I am excited for her new album, Red, and hope I can see her in Raleigh next year!

Step it up Tay. I want something like Fearless.

         The video that I told you that I would create as a self-imposed challenge is currently uploading to Youtube. Let me tell you, it sucks a lot. This isn't me just looking for people to tell me it's good; it's actually really bad haha. If I can get a few laughs or even chuckles out of you, please let me know. We now know I should never be an actress. Due to my extremely slow internet connection in the apartment building, it's taking a long time, but I will put up a blog post tomorrow linking to it. Note: It was a no-budget video. Not even low-budget. No-budget. I apologize in advance for the poor lighting, sound, video, and acting. Lol.

Freaking Duke in 5 days. Is that possible?


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