Both the shoes I ordered came in! So much happiness. I've got my black sweater slouch boots and my dark brown mocassins and I'm a happy girl. Unfortunately, as you know, I lack a good camera right now, so I had to use my phone camera which does not capture the full essence of the shoe. 

There isn't a picture of the boots on my feet because MY CAMERA SUCKS and there were too many light reflections all over the place. It just looked like my feet were being eaten by a black blob. They're not as shiny as they were in the picture online, but that's really okay because they still look nice. Regardless, both are super comfy and super soft. I think I need leg warmers to go with the boots now though... The mocassins fit perfectly but the boots are half a size too big because they didn't have it in 9.5 and I had to order a 10. Yep, big feet. Come at me. Regardless, that just means I wear an extra pairs of socks and my feet stay warmer. Boom.

I know what you're thinking. Sonal is such a girl.

I am in fact of the female gender. However, it is not the fact that I ordered shoes specifically that makes me so excited; it's that for once in my life, I did something impulsive. The way I've been raised is to think twice or think three times about everything that I do or buy before it's done and this is the first time I was just like, what the hell, let me order these. And it worked out pretty well which is a plus. Plus, I've been talking about getting boots for a long while now so it's not like it wasn't already coming. I actually hate going to the mall and shopping for clothes and stuff. Too many options, too many things to worry about: prices, sizes, colors, fit, gender, bleeehh. It takes too long. 

Yeah, call me girly now.

Okay, going to go attempt to do work.


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