So, I'd like to diagnose myself with seasonal affective disorder. Yesterday was one of the most wonderful days that I've had in a while and I'm going to attribute that to the beautiful weather. Sunny and somewhat warm, unlike it has been for the past couple weeks. A slight breeze but lots of vitamin D. I can't express to you how happy I was. I smiled at each and every person that I passed yesterday and was delighted to see that many of them smiled back too! And then many of the others just looked at me like, what the hell? Warmth and light are so important to me; going to Texas in November will be super nice. I guess that's one of the advantages of no longer living in Jersey, along with not having to experience hurricane Sandy... 

But actually, yesterday was the first day that, after a really long time, when people asked me how I was, I said "Fantastic." It is days like this that you realize that any problems in our lives are not important enough to heed living happily. Take a deep breath of fresh air and smile. The dopamine levels in your brain will increase. I also played tennis yesterday which made it more awesome. And then I sat outside our dorm at midnight and stargazed for a while with a friend which ended the day absolutely perfectly. Life is good. Be happy. I wish everyone could be happy. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat it and be happy. 


Just kidding. But actually, I was genuinely happy. And I love seeing other people happy, so make me happy by not letting little things in life bother you. If you need change, make change. Face your problems, don't hide from them or try to drink them away. Laugh because it's healthy and because it's fun. I'm becoming an optimist, yes, but isn't life easier without a constant state of sad? I know I always post really sad and contemplative things, but really, you can be contemplative and happy at the same time. So there's a lifestyle change I'm planning to make. Good for me. 

I have so much studying to do.

You know what I'd really love to do? This goes out to all my friends at Duke. I'd love to one day walk with someone all the way from East Campus to West or vice versa and just talk. Talk about anything and everything. I think it only takes about 25 minutes and I'm sure a conversation would carry on for much longer. But still, the outdoors are beautiful, especially on a day like today. If anyone's ever interested, please let me know. I love getting to know you all because there's so much to know. (:

Time for a nap. Laters.


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