I just watched Life of Pi yesterday with my family and I liked it a lot! Though Suraj Sharma wasn't as attractive as everyone said he was, I can't complain. You really have to watch Bollywood movies to know what attractive Indian actors look like. One of the themes that struck me most in Life of Pi was that of loneliness. Can you imagine being stranded in the ocean for so long without anyone else with you for so long? Can you imagine what that would do to you? If Pi hadn't had that tiger with him, I'm pretty positive he would've gone insane. Loneliness does things to you, whether it be literal loneliness or loneliness in the sense of a relationship. I've been through the feels of it and probably so has every person reading this to some degree. Loneliness is interesting; it's good sometimes when you need to get away from everyone, but it's also the cause for so much pain and so much sadness. I know it sounds cliche, but you should know that you are never completely alone and there are always people there to support you and talk to you when you need it. Don't push people away because you're afraid or upset or whatever the reason may be. You never know when you'll wish there was someone there and there won't be. Even if you're a recluse, being alone can only make you "happy" for so long.

I wish that I could say that I had the mental capacity and survival skills to be stranded in the ocean, but honestly I highly doubt that I do. I'd be eaten by sharks or by the hyena or drown in the water or something. 

I just dug up an old journal of mine when I was looking through the stuff in my room and read through some of it. It's from the summer of 2010 and I laughed at how much the same yet so very different I was. Here's a list of conclusions that I made on August 4th, 2010 after three days in Paris.
  • French accents are cute.
  • Italian is a prettier language than French.
  • French boys are cuuuuuutee. <3 font="font">
  • Metros are so damn confusing.
  • Paris is full of creepers.
  • People like to stare at you in the subway.
  • They charge for everything. Except airport trolleys.
  • French boys are sooo cute.
  • All foreign boys are cute.
  • I think that's it.
Different but still so much the same, hahahaha. 

I just learned on Jeopardy that Whole Foods began as a small store in Austin!

Hedgehogs are so cute.

Woah, I just found another notebook of mine in my closet. It's a creative writing journal from sophomore year's English class with Joe Archible. That guy, in much retrospect, was a cool cat. Despite what we thought of him at the time, he made me learn a lot about myself and the creative writing journal with prompts was so much fun for me to do. It was one of those, I'd so much rather do this than schoolwork that matters. Kind of exactly like this blog! Creative writing/personal writing is fun when you're not being graded or judged on it. Anyways, here are two of the posts I had in there that I wanted to share. The first is a list of "the little things that I love," or rather, the little things I loved sophomore year. Bear this in mind as you read.
  1. The split second when someone I really like sends me an instant message and my heart jumps
  2. The ten minutes between my two morning alarms when I get the best sleep of every night
  3. Making sure my books are aligned perfectly when I carry them between classes and when they're on my desk
  4. The smell of Bath and Body Works - Twilight Woods lotion (not body cream, lotion)
  5. Stepping on a crunchy leaf on the sidewalk
  6. Fresh air - fresh, cold air
  7. Peace and quiet
  8. Mr. Earl's "100 on a test" stickers
  9. The feeling after winning a good rally in a tennis match
  10. The freedom in my arms and legs when I dance
  11. Reflecting about my day as I fall asleep
  12. Seeing the guy I like look at me and smile when I walk into class in the morning
  13. When my friends trust me enough to share their deep feelings with me
  14. The first true day of spring
  15. Most of my time spent NOT outlining biology (I lie, this is a big thing I love)
  16. The hope of finding that one special someone someday (this also drives me insane, though I love it)
  17. The feeling after solving a difficult math problem or doing a proof
So there are two things you can gather about me from this list. 1) I am an absolutely hopeless romantic and 2) I'm such a nerd. 

The second thing I want to share is a parody poem I wrote based off of the poem Fire and Ice by Robert Frost. It's one of my favorite poems and I wrote a parody called Science and Christ. Please don't hate me after this, it's purely for poetic purposes. I hope you'll have a good laugh from it.

Some say the world began with science
Some say with Christ
From what I've tasted of that alliance
I hold with those who favor science
But if it were to happen twice
I think I know enough from fate
To say that for induction Christ
Is not so great
And imprecise.

Ahahaha. I'm so bad at poetry. Did you know I won my second grade poetry contest though? It was a poem about the seasons. 

And now I go. Check out my 365 linked at the top of this page if you haven't already because it's been 6 days and I'm going strong! :D 2 days left till I get back to Duke and see all my beautiful friends and start some cool cat courses. Bye byes!

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