Tonight I experienced for the first time one of the many wonderful things that nature has to offer: a beautiful starry sky and a spectacular meteor shower. By starry sky I don't mean the kind that you see when you look out from your window and the artificial light of civilization is too bright to see more than three-fourths of the stars up there. I mean the starry sky you see from a clearing in the middle of the forest off of the highway where no artificial lights are present for at least a mile in every direction. And so that's what we did in the Duke Forest. I did indeed almost freeze my toes off, but the feeling has returned to them and it feels super good to move them again! I sure hope I don't get sick tomorrow morning. Regardless, it was totes worth it. Stargazing is so amazing, but I just wish I knew more constellations. My camera doesn't do it justice at aaaallll, but here is a photo. Just imagine this, but 4 times as many stars, just not bright enough for my not-that-great camera to catch. 

You can see Orion's Belt on the right middle at least!
Also, imagine it across the entire sky. Laying on your back in a clearing in the middle of a pitch-black forest staring up at the sky. There were at least one or two shooting stars visible every 5 minutes and it just felt really magical. A wonderful time, it was. 

In other news, I finally got time to paint my nails again today. Christmas-y nails yaaay!

It's just red nail polish with glitter polish on top. I was going to do a design but meh, effort. It's kay. They're holiday enough!

So I guess those are the pictures that the last post was devoid of. Hopefully if you haven't taken finals already, your finals will go well. If you have taken them, enjoy your winter break. If your finals are after break, both of my above well wishes apply. And remember, finals are important, but your health is more important. Grades come around every day, every week, every semester. Your life comes around only once. Unless you believe in reincarnation, but that's a different story. Don't give up on yourself, because I believe everyone has the potential to do well. Working hard is important, no matter how late you start. Better late than never, right? I can't say I fully believed this when I was studying for orgo, but it'll really all be okay. Hope for the best and the closer to your best you will get. Good luck everyone!


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