It was Tuesday I think when I wrote this in a spur of the moment type of thing. I was doing work (should've been doing work) and it just kind of started. I was conflicted about whether I should write it or not, but I figured I didn't want to lose anything that I might regret later. It's a spoken word type of thing, not really a poem. Slam poetry? I'm by no means a writer or a poet, but this is just Sonal's spur of the moment. I wanted to lengthen it and that's why I didn't post it at the time, but I'm pretty sure if I do, it won't have the same feeling as before. So yeah. Here ya go.

Live in the Now.
Forget about that boy who broke your heart, he doesn't matter anymore.
Why does it matter if she broke up with you or you broke up with her or who broke up with who?
Move on. Because life goes on.
And people come and people go.
And if they shouldn't be going, you should be knowing
and doing
what you can do to keep them in your life.
This life that feels like it spites us and loves us and thinks nothing of us
It goes on.
And I believe that everything happens for a reason
That if you failed, it's because you didn't try hard enough
you were too busy playing games
and wasting time
or feeling like this isn't any different than before.
Because things will get harder and you'll need to be stronger.
Don't look to the past for the mistakes that you made
The drama that engulfed you
The people that hurt you
Look for what they taught you.
Because your past has made you, you.
So broken hearts won't hurt as much
and failures won't cut your esteem so deep
and you'll learn to care for the people who care
and you'll learn to learn.


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