I don't really have time for this, but a really quick one.

Today I decided to read my horoscope. You know, just for the hell of it. Here's what it said:

You may have been a bit indecisive lately when it comes to love and romance, Aquarius. Perhaps your mind is drawn to one person while your heart is drawn to another. Perhaps you're trying to trick your mind into seeing a certain quality in someone while you ignore parts that you don't really like. Make sure you accept people for all of who they are and not just the individual parts.

I laughed. I'm pretty sure I embrace all of people. And as for love, lol, what love? Sonal doesn't have a love life. But it's okay, because she has great friends and a great family and goes to a great school. It'll happen when it's meant to, right? I have to start accepting that. But you know those internal conflicts? Yeah, those are the worst. It's easier to stop liking someone when you're not close to them anymore. It's difficult when you are close friends and you love and value the friendship you share. And other emotions start creating conflict too -- jealousy, frustration, hope, comfort. That feeling when you just don't know what to do with it. Isn't it strange how sometimes it's just the most random people that you find interest in? Whether they have similarities with you or are completely different people, sometimes there's some unknown force that draws you toward them, and you have no idea why. It's frustrating sometimes. But sometimes it's also one of the most wonderful feelings ever. Yes, I used the word sometimes 4 times on purpose. 

In other news, we just threw a surprise party for my friend Howard last night as we had done for my roommate Yolanda the Sunday we got back from Thanksgiving break. We knew he might be expecting a midnight thing, so we didn't do that. Instead, 10 pm the day of his birthday, we convinced him to go to the gym with some friends so we could decorate his room with balloons and streamers and shtuff. It worked perfectly. Except one of my friends tried to make a bubble net with streamers that would fall on Howard when we pulled one of the streamers down, but that was unsuccessful. I blame him for all of our problems. Haha. Here are some photos from the prep and the party! I'm so glad I have a camera now...

 I love seeing people smile. ^ This, is like the perfect picture. Happy Birthday to Howard. He's 19 now, two years older than me. And he won't let me forget it :P 19. That's really close to 20.

Also, I wanted to mention that I added a tab up at the top of the page that I'm going to start adding my bucket list to. I have some stuff right now but by no means is it everything. Those things that come in the spur of the moment. I should keep adding to that so you could check it out every so often. Meh. I mean if you really want to. I haven't really done much anyway. (:

Anyway, paper writing time. I'll see you possibly after finals. Two weeks. Let's get through.


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