I made samosas today, baked not fried for my rather health conscious family. I wanted to use my camera, but by the time I brought it, most of them were gone already... sigh. My dad's iPhone photo will have to do.

They were delicious, I'm not even going to joke around. And now I've been put on dinner duty for the remainder of the summer. No worries, you just throw some cumin and curry powder in everything and it's automatically Indian.

I'm lying, don't actually think that. There's also turmeric and coriander in everything.

I have to get fillings tomorrow alkdhasklhdslakhd I hate the dentist okay.

I don't really have anything to write about. I miss Duke.

The last three or four days of mine have been spent just watching Bollywood. It's actually really bad... they're like three hours each and I watched three back to back to back. Ah well. But I finally watched a movie called Barfi! which my mother continually told me was super boring but was actually an absolute delight to watch and I actually almost cried once. Sigh, my mom thinks everything is boring. It's definitely worth a watch. Especially if you don't speak Hindi, the movie follows a deaf and mute guy and so there actually isn't a lot of speech. It's a lot of Charlie Chaplin type of comedy with romance and friendship and a very soothing sort of musical score. A trailer for if you're interested(:

I really like being home but I always feel like I'm doing nothing. That driver's test will happen soon. I really cannot put it off any longer. 

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