I've always been bad at talking to people on the phone. I think it's something about how I can't see them and so even though I can hear their voice, I can't see the body language that goes with it. For someone who uses quite a bit of body language when I speak and make these weird sounds between words, I feel like it takes away from what I have to say when that can't be read along with my words. Talking via text and IM is different; I tend to not have conversations that are terribly important over Facebook and text. And I get time to think when I'm typing things which many a times makes me sound a lot funnier than I think I actually am. This is why I never did debate: I'm terrible at thinking on the spot. Even when I'm having a long philosophical or life-talk with someone, there's always this long pause that I need before I speak to straighten up my jumbled thoughts. I kinda wish I didn't have to do that, but meh. What can you do?

I was saying about the phone. I think video chat is definitely a step up from phone because you kind of get that sense of body language, but the extra sounds I put in when I'm speaking still kind of don't give the same effect. Sometimes I feel like I'm almost scared to talk on the phone because someone will misread or misunderstand what I was trying to say. It's so strange. I especially dislike talking to my family over the phone. I couldn't even tell you why. I know what we need, guys. The solution to this problem is teleportation. 

The weather is always so nice here. I could just frolic outside all day in the 85 degree weather. Except I'd be really alone and that'd be kind of boring if I did it all day. Maybe I should make friends. BUT HOW.

James Wu, teach me your ways.

My hair does this new thing where it parts a whole bunch and shapes my face differently in this way that looks really good. Or it might be the Texas water that's giving my hair the softness. Either way, I'm going to get it VERY SLIGHTLY trimmed soon and relayered. DUN DUN DUNNNN. Tonsurophobia. Speaking of stupid phobias, apparently panophobia is the fear of everything. Symmetrophobia - the fear of symmetry. Can you just imagine some guy going around screaming and cutting a little chunk of hair off of every symmetrically cut head of hair that he saw? Unless he had tonsurophobia, then I don't know what he'd do.

Haha it's not even late yet.


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