Yaaaay new layout and stuff! I dunno, I wanted to try something new but now I kind of miss my old layout... sad...

Soooo a lot has happened since the last time I posted. Let's start at the beginning.

Last Sunday I met for the first time with my NeuroCare buddy. The NeuroCare program pairs you up with an individual, usually in the Durham area, with a mental disorder that you hang out with once every week or once every two weeks. My buddy, Wendy, is currently in speech therapy and has some developmental delay, so she acts like a teenager or younger even though she's 23. It was a new and interesting experience, definitely with struggles, but with rewards too. I'll admit that I'm not really sure what I was expecting. I, being a person who is not very good at making conversation with people I've just met, had trouble getting Wendy to talk to me about things. We went to the mall and she was wonderful and sweet and had such a unique style that surprised me (tube tops, pumps, and bright florals)! But she didn't talk very much, and getting her to talk about herself required a good amount of prodding, kind of like someone else I know... (psst, it's me) I can't wait to see her again next semester because being with her seems like it'll be a good experience for both of us and I think I'll get to improve my own communication skills while trying to get her to open up. I realize that in a world where small talk and meaningless communication are so important, I'm awfully bad at making small talk and communicating about meaningless things. I tend to talk to people about only things that matter and while some people get that, most of them don't. Sucks to suck. Just kidding, it's just who I am. I embrace it, yo.

And then this week and all of last week consisted of studying, studying, studying for my finals aka only one final aka orgo aka IT'S OVER AND NOW I CAN CONTINUE HAPPILY WITH MY LIFE. I can't wrap my head around it, I will never have to look at orgo again... Well, there's the MCAT but y'all know what I'm sayin. Just had my final like, 6 hours ago and I should probably be asleep, but hell, it's not like I have anything else to do! :D I'm just going to try and spend some time with friends... who will probably be studying... and yeah... sigh... I leave for home on Saturday. Until then, I dunno, I'll probably just pack and stuff I guess. This is the weirdest feeling ever, not having anything to study for. It's just like, I can do whatever I want now. But I need to still find a way to make this summer productive... I don't just want to hang around the house for 4 months doing nothing. I think I'd probably die. Here's my summer to do list (hopefully):

  • Teach dance at my sister's dance class
  • Learn to read and write Hindi
  • Volunteer at a hospital/somewhere
  • Internship? Maybe, maybe not... Or like, work at least.
  • Learn to make more Indian food
  • Bake
  • Eat good food.
  • Watch a ton of movies
  • Read a bunch of books (Life of Pi, Perks of Being a Wallflower, etc etc)
  • Other productive things so I'm not wasting my life
And that is the short version of that list.

I feel delirious on happiness right now. Everything in life is good. I feel pretty good about that orgo exam, I get to spend a little while doing absolutely nothing of importance, I'm in a relationship that's going almost too well, and my acne is starting to go away ish! One of my friends posted to Facebook today "Being happy is easier than you think. I promise." But actually. It's so easy. You just have to let it happen. (:

I'm going home in 4 days. Damn. I'm a sophomore in college. Damn. I need my wisdom teeth taken out. What. Is. Life.

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