First off I wanted to say Happy Olympics to everyone! I did watch the opening ceremony last night and it was somewhat boring in my opinion but they definitely had some good ideas with the history of the UK and technology acts they did. The introduction of the countries was very VERY fast. You look away one second and you've jumped from Russia to Switzerland! I do wish that had been stretched out a little bit, but still well done. The fireworks at the end were very celebratory as well. This is actually the first year I've ever seen the opening ceremony of the Olympics and it was a heartwarming experience. I always get all tingly when so many different countries and different kinds of people come together to celebrate something international! Unfortunately, Rafael Nadal, my favorite tennis player and 2008 gold medal winner, will not be playing this year because of an injury. Yes, I know he does get injured a lot and people mock both him for it and me for liking him so much, but he's got so much passion and energy and graciousness on and off court that I can't help it! He will be back in the US Open to cream everyone! Especially Roger, that old man.

             Today I actually found a quarter as I was emptying my purse that had American Samoa on the back! I have never seen one of those before and I wouldn't have known where or what it was if I hadn't watched the opening ceremony yesterday! That's when I found out it's an American territory off the coast of Australia.

          It's funny how things like that work out, isn't it? You never notice things until you have a reason to. I never noticed how many Acura TLs were on the road until we bought one. I never noticed how much Avengers stuff was in the markets until I watched the movie. And loved it. Stuff like that. 

          I made this smoothie a couple days ago that was rather tasty and super healthy too. I guess you can't really call it a smoothie since it didn't have any yogurt, maybe a milkshake? But it wasn't really a milkshake either, it was more of a smoothie. I don't really know the actual amounts of everything I used but I would like to share the recipe with.. whoever is reading this blog, if anyone. Like my past and any of my future recipes, it's super simple and super easy. Really great for a hot summer day!

You will need:

             The smoothie should consist about halfway to three-fourths of just milk so put about that much into a blender. The rest of the liquid will come from the fruit. Cut a bunch of strawberries in half and dice the mangoes. If you don't have mangoes or strawberries, you could always switch out for different fruit. Other types of berries would probably be best. So then add all of the fruit and then add some honey to sweeten. This is what makes the smoothie a little healthier, using honey instead of sugar! It's supposed to be really good for you. If you don't have honey, you could use sugar or agave nectar or some other sweetener. You could even try to go without any sweetening and rely on only the fruit to sweeten. Lastly, add a bunch of ice and turn on the blender. No, wait wait wait. Put the lid on and THEN turn on the blender. You can find a consistency you like with the ice and always add more sweetener if you need it. Hopefully you'll find a good balance! This is what mine looked like. My mom and sister ask me to make it all the time now!

         Moving on, I redid my nails today because the gradient was peeling off like a mofo. I put so many top coats on it that all the layers just peeled off together like stickers on a sticker sheet. This time I used this new nail stamp set I bought about a week ago. I like how it came out but I realized that I need so many more colors that my mom's not going to want to buy me... 

             I also tried this technique that I found online to make my nails dry faster. You put your hands in cold water for 3 minutes a little while after you've painted then and they're all dry! It also makes it easier for any polish on your fingers to come off. It worked as well as they said it would so I would recommend it! Otherwise I hate how easy it is for perfectly neat nails to get ruined. I just filled my sink with cold water from the tap and set a timer. Worked like a charm.

             It's been really hot lately. The clouds look nice though. But the past two days have been like an on and off thunderstorm. Looks like Mother Nature is on her period and super moody.

I came across a website the other day on StumbleUpon (yes, I know I said I wouldn't anymore, but I can't help myself) and it was a bunch of thought-provoking questions that got me thinking. So I guess they were successful. I thought I would share some. You can find the site here

Health, Happiness, Love, Fame, Money.

           At first I thought this was a really simple question because health will always be first for me, but after that it gets a little blurry. This is mostly because a lot of these go hand in hand. If you don't have health, you don't have life, and without life, you can't have any of these other things. Happiness intersects with everything because each person has different sources of happiness. My happiness, out of the three other options, would come from love and that's why I put it third. Fame and money are somewhat interchangeable for me, but throughout my life I've been the quiet one and no one has really noticed me. I was never best friends with the principal or known by half the school and I really wish I was. I hope in college that I can become a more prominent figure, now that I've found myself. Lately also, I've thought about how cool it would be to be an actress, to actually be in those movie scenes that we common folk fantasize about. Like, being pulled into Spiderman's arms and kissed when he first tells you that he's Spiderman. Omg. Omgomgomg. Best scene of the Amazing Spiderman. But seriously, this is my lineup.

This post is getting really long, I'm sorry if I'm boring anyone.

             This one made me laugh because I am actually moving about 1500 miles away. It's really hard to say because believe it or not, I actually like NJ and specifically our town a lot. I'm going to really miss my friends and the people of course, they're all amazing. I'm going to miss the quiet yet energetic suburban setting. I'm going to miss having NY above us and PA below. I'm going to miss not having to pump our own gas (not that I even pump my own gas but I can understand the sentiment from my mom). 

But most of all I'm going to miss Wawa.

             I could be generic and say, oh yeah, myself. I am what stands between me and and goals. But really, it's going to eventually be the tons of people with the same dreams as me on their lists, and yes, including myself. If I want to overcome myself, I need to be fearless. Take risks and try everything I can. And even though I'm not an aggressive person, I know that every person really does need to push through to get what they want. You can still be yourself and still be true and honest, but you need to... I guess, find a way to shine. Get to the top of the list of people with your same dream on their lists. If that makes any sense. That's what I need to do.

Life isn't short. So I guess I haven't realized it yet.

             I'd like to use this one to redirect my fellow blog readers, if any, to an article I found once. Yes, on StumbleUpon, don't judge me. You can find it here: http://jerrybrito.org/post/6114304704/top-ten-myths-about-introverts. Top ten myths about introverts. Yes, I am an introvert. But this article clears up any misconceptions you could have about an introvert. We value close friendships, speak when there's something worthwhile to say, don't follow the crowd, and look inward instead of opening outward. Don't try to fix us to become extroverts. This is what we are. I love this article.

Adapted to change. Changed.

         Most likely. If you think about it, there's more that we can say in about 30 minutes than we could do in a week. You could plan like a mofo and do nothing. That's what I do. Mostly I can't carry a lot of tasks out because I can't drive, but still. We make a lot of promises we can't keep just like we say a lot of things that we can't do. When it's all said and done, we'll be all words with no actions. Unless you're Captain America, the greatest superhero ever.

          There are plenty more questions I'd love to answer, but I'm afraid I've most likely bored you already so I'll just answer them to myself. If anyone actually read all the way down to here, I commend you and I hope you're not too bored. If you just scrolled all the way down here to see the end, I would ask you to at least check out some of the post because you might find some interesting things. I hope you have a good day. 24 days still college.


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