So yesterday I completed the AlcoholEdu course online for school and it was, well, not very useful. Personally, I'm not planning on drinking at college at all, so it didn't really affect me at all which, in this case, is probably a good thing. But honestly, for the people who do plan to drink at college, I don't think it'll do much either. Maybe it'll help them help their friend not drink and drive by secretly taking his car keys or deciding to band together a group of (drunk) friends to stop two creepy guys from taking their friend to "the bedroom." The course is pretty redundant of everything we've been taught in high school for the past four years and beyond and if people weren't listening then, what makes them think kids would listen or read words now? Now when they could just Google every question on the final exam if four years of pounding it into our brains hasn't been enough? Good effort though, plus amusing videos with bad acting!

            The other thing (the only other thing) that I did yesterday was to make some mini pizzas. We bought some dough and made them fresh which was fun. Turns out you can make a pretty damn good pizza with pasta sauce, shredded mozzarella, and veggies of your choice! It's super simple, super cheap and my mom liked it even better than pizzeria-bought pizza. 

        One for my sister, one for my mom, and one for me. My sister doesn't like tomatoes or any other vegetable ever. Crazy right? 

         It's really sad how boring things are lately. I get up every morning at 10 or 11, yell to wake up my sister, brush my teeth, eat breakfast, shower, and then do nothing. Stumbleupon, it's really bad for you, don't do that to yourself. There should be Stumbleupon/Tumblr/FacebookEdu. I'm pretty sure they put some form of electronic nicotine in them or something. Today I did pack more stuff for college and some friends came over to hang out. We ended up doing our nails (well, not mine because they're still gradient) and going on StumbleUpon (surprise, surprise). I've made both my room and the living room a mess with dorm stuff. My mom hates me...

            You know, in AlcoholEdu they ask you make a list of goals that you have for college and, while it was quite a general list to choose from, it got me thinking of what I do truly want from the experience. Of course I want to do well academically and socially, but the first thing will be to know what field is right for me. I want to make long-lasting relationships with people and places. I want to be able to say when I grow up, "Hey, I'm a Duke grad and I'm not a douchebag about it like other schools *coughharvardcoughcough*" I want to take advantage of all my opportunities, like I said before. I want to be a better tennis player, a better dancer, get fitter, tent for at least one basketball game (I know next to nothing about basketball). I want to try new things, at least one thing every week. I want to never drink or get drunk to have fun. I want to teach people something. I want to see how the other half lives (a very interesting idea since there are so many "other halves" to a person if you think about it). I want to study abroad or do DukeEngage. I want to find people who I can talk to anything about. I want to be prepared for medical school and for what they call "real life." And I wouldn't mind throwing in my first relationship in there either... haha. This and so much more. AlcoholEdu is right; making a list of goals isn't a bad idea, even if it's in your head. Just know what you want and stay focused! Give it a moment and think about it. What is it that you want from your college experience?

         Here's a picture from my window of the tennis courts. You can't even tell they're there because the sun is so brilliant. Just thought I'd share because it was rather beautiful.

            My mom was telling me a story just now about how her mom wouldn't have had her if she had had another boy before her. My grandma had a miscarriage with a boy right before she had my mom. It made me think, how strange is it to think that because of one baby's misfortune or because of one accident, I had the chance to become born. What if the baby boy had lived? I wouldn't exist. Or would I? Would I be someone else? But then I wouldn't really be me anymore, right? So then it doesn't matter because I would never even know it. Crazy things. Food for thought.


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