So what exactly is there to do on a sunny summer day in Jersey exactly 29 days before I move into college? Not much when I lack a driver's license, have almost zero people to play tennis with, have a pubescent sister to take care of, and have decided that Stumbleupon is not the healthiest way to spend hours of my time. I've been mostly occupying my time by starting to pack for college, starting to pack for moving to MA, and crafting. Lots of crafting. But the point I'm getting to was that I figured I would create a blog that I would hopefully be able to keep through college describing a new lifestyle that I've subconsciously decided to try out: fearless. Now, this doesn't mean I'll be jumping out of planes and turning in late assignments (*shudder*) but I'll be trying out things that I would have been afraid or embarrassed to in high school. If you know me, you know I've been on a roller coaster of personalities in the past few years, and only recently have I been able to find myself, as corny as it sounds. You never really know who you are until you experience being something else and understand the feeling that it's completely wrong. Or maybe that's just bullshit I'm telling myself, who knows.

              Regardless if anyone ever reads this or not, it'll be good for me to have a reason to be fearless: so I can blog about it! I do love Taylor Swift and that probably is my favorite song of hers now that I think about it. These posts will probably be about my everyday life which might seem lame and boring at times... or a lot of times, but it's all a part of who I am. I hope it inspires someone someday and I also hope that it'll be a place for me to redirect my friends on Facebook when they ask me what I've been doing lately in college!

Be you.
Be true.
Be fearless.


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    By the way, that pubescent sister READS your blog.

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