So it's been two days since classes have restarted and a week and three days since I've gotten back to school. Clearly I've been having so much fun that I didn't have time to blog. This year is definitely going to be much busier than last year, I'm already overwhelmed by dates and times and places that I need to remember to go to. I need to find a better system to keep track of all of it. I think it's time to start using Google Calendar. 

It's going to start again where after every post I say that I should really be doing homework rather than writing the post. Except this year it won't be orgo, it'll be Chinese or multi. And this is in fact the main reason it will be an even better year than last year.

I kid.

It will also be better because I know where to find my opportunities and how to keep busy and the good study spots and my friend groups are set and I don't have to take the bus as much and I know much more about time management and I don't have 8:30 classes and I'm still dancing and I'm going to figure out what I'm doing with my life. Hopefully. 

The freshman class has more attractive Indian guys than our class does, I'm just saying. Nothing is implied here.

Okay, yeah this is just an update I guess. I'm going to go now. Do Chinese homework, you know how it is. Byebyes.

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