I remember in middle school and high school when we complained we had too much work to do and ended up actually complaining more than actually doing work. It's not like we don't do that anymore, but definitely not in the same way and not nearly as much.

Today is probably one of the most productive days of my life.

I had a pre-health volunteering interview at 9, then Chinese at 11:45, then another interview at 1:30, then went to talk to the lab that I'm dying to get into at 2, class coming up at 3, another class at 6:15, and then hopefully finish the day off with a shit ton of homework and getting ahead so that I can chill this weekend. I finally feel like a productive member of the Duke society, like the school couldn't get rid of me even if it wanted to. I like being completely busy during the day, always doing something. I like walking with a purpose, with good posture and medium to high speed. The people who walk extra slowly down the pathway taking up the entire width of the path drive me insane. If you're going to walk slowly, do it in the corner.

The point is, I love stimulation and the inertia you have all day when you start your day early in the morning and continue it all day. I love how empty and sunny Perkins is at 9 in the morning. I'd like to have a reason to wake up earlier, so I guess I should schedule things for the morning. Dang it, why are my parents always right...

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  1. Am I the reason you said us "middle schoolers" are always complaining about too much work? Because I think I get that. :)

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