I wish people listened. I wish they would understand the issues. I wish they weren't so closed-minded. I wish people could be happier. I wish you didn't hate it at Duke. I wish we could somehow change your mind. I wish we didn't have to be afraid to walk home alone at night. I wish your gender didn't just see us as "angry feminists." I wish we were all equal, and not some more equal than others. I wish we saw culture and not color. I wish this wasn't an extrovert world. I wish people didn't feel so alone. I wish the magic didn't disappear. I wish it were sunny outside more often. I wish it were sunny inside more often. I wish the world could run without political manipulation. I wish punctuality were a life or death situation. I wish everyone had a way to express themselves. I wish there were more time to do things. I wish people weren't so ignorant. I wish people didn't expect me to be an extrovert. I wish things clicked between the right people. I wish our worth weren't decided by letters from A to F and numbers from 600 to 2400. I wish.

I wish I were a stronger person. I wish I were more assertive with my thoughts and my ideas. I wish I weren't afraid to take action. I wish I were more eloquent, that I could explain the way I think to people in a way that they would understand more. I wish my thoughts weren't so jumbled all the time. I wish I knew more about the issues. I wish I had the strength to follow through with my own dreams and not someone else's. I wish I could remember everything. I wish I could communicate better. I wish I knew what was holding me back. I wish I weren't so worried about things all the time. I wish I could read people better. I wish I were more powerful with words. I wish I weren't so ignorant. I wish I weren't so messy. I wish I could understand organic chemistry. I wish I could record the conversation I was in last night so the world could hear it. I wish I knew what you were thinking. I wish.

Sadly, genies only grant three wishes. And genies don't exist. 

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