HEEEYY! I could give every person I know a big Sonal bear hug right now, that's how happy I'm feeling.

If you read me a month ago, I was bawling my eyes out and complaining about the many pressures I'm dealing with lately. I said that this semester has been a roller coaster of emotion and that it felt like even in a week I couldn't maintain one state of mind. See, I'm really serious, two weeks ago I was crying and now I'm listening to Taylor Swift's new album and smiles every moment of every day! It's actually incredible. I'm just afraid it'll go downhill again, but I'm hoping for the best (today).

Awaaz 2014 was incredible. The best Awaaz, of the two I've been in, so far. I literally don't know if it could've gotten any better. My team felt like a strong united group of people who loved to dance and had a common goal: to excite and impress and have fun. That's what I've always wanted from my dance team, a community that supported each other and were comfortable with each other. We got so many compliments, not just from our friends and family, but from the dance community at Duke. I couldn't find mistakes, I only saw energy and fun on stage. I haven't been as happy as I was Saturday night after we performed in a really really long time, and I had forgotten what it felt like. Being on the team is one thing, but knowing that I planned this whole piece (with my handy dandy co-captain Ni$hmonay) and it panned out so well is such an incredible feeling. I literally cannot compliment and thank my team enough for all the hard work that they've put in and how wonderfully they performed last weekend! If you haven't seen Dhoom's performance yet, I'm just going to leave this here so you don't feel left out! :)

In other news, Taylor's new album is phenomenal. It took me a couple listens to distinguish them and have them not all sound the exact same, but after that oh mannnn. I Know Places, Wonderland and Blank Space, highly recommend.


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